6 Most Popular Sports In America (TV Ratings)

Sports is like a culture in America. The best thing is there are various sports genre in which players can enhance their skills. Not limited to a single sport also generates a diverse set of athletes that contribute to the country. Bonding the entire nation together and promoting brotherhood, sports have played an important role in making of today’s America. But there are some of the sports that people of America likes to watch and support on the same list. Here is a list of top 6 most popular sports in America:

#6 PingPong

Ping Pong Ping Pong also commonly known by the name of table tennis is gaining its popularity slowly and steadily. With many player involved in the sport, ping pong has been the newest one among the major sports. With Asian countries accepting the sport at early stages, America following the footsteps has also embraced the sport. USA now has a quite a number of ping pong players. Lily Zhang the female star of USA has made a huge impact in promoting the sport. Young talent like Kanak Jha also on a road to promote the sport and make it even more diverse so that other people also come forward to participate. With popularity growing at a steady pace Ping Pong is on #6 in our list. Official Website: https://pingpongguide.net

#5. Soccer

Soccer Probably the most popular sport in the world, it has recently laid its steps in America and is also enjoyed by people and athletes. With the winning run of the team in 2014 Fifa World Cup, the sport got a lot of attention and emerged as one of the popular sport in America. With some of the minor and major leagues giving an opportunity to new talents the sport continues to flourish in America. Official Website: https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/

#4. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Coming down to our next sport on the list of popular one is Ice Hockey. Commonly known as hockey in the USA, is one of the popular sport of America. It is more popular where the climatic condition favors winter or cool weather, mainly the northeastern and upper west region. From 1990’s the popularity of the sport has increased considerably because of the expansion of the NHL( National Hockey League) and also the growth of the community. Some of the players are also responsible for such growth, Gretzky one of the legend player played for Los Angeles Kings. With such fan following and community, Ice Hockey sits strong on #4 position. Official Website: http://www.iihf.com/

#3. Basketball

Basketball The game requires no introduction and especially in America. Popular at both collegian level as well as professional level the sport is enjoyed by a majority of the people in the USA. Drafting directly in the NBA league and that too directly from college level is the main factor behind its popularity. A name synonym to Basketball is of Michael Jordan, the person responsible for the popularity of the sport. Jordan took the sport to new horizons and now is continued by stars like Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Basketball is not only a popular sport but it is also loved and enjoyed by all. Official Website: http://www.fiba.basketball/

#2. Baseball

Baseball The most favorite sport for any American would be Baseball. Gaining its popularity in late 20’s the sport has never set back and is growing ever since. With a rich history, Baseball is more likely a culture in the USA. With player, such a Babe Ruth capturing the attention of people by playing style and Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier has opened the door of opportunity for upcoming players. With such fan following and community, base Baseball is at #2 on our list. Official Website: http://www.wbsc.org/

#1. American Football

American Football More commonly known as Rugby, the sport ranked #1 on our list. Factors such as popularity, community support and love for the game makes it the top-ranked sport in the USA. With just the national team in the account and if you include college football then Baseball is more likely to fall on 3rd position. The Annual Super Bowl game is the most anticipated game in the USA. Even Super Bowl halftime surpasses NBA final by miles. With athletes such as Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas are the popular name in the sport. Official Website: https://www.ifaf.org/

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