Exercises & Sports To Do With Your Dog

A pet loses its calm when it senses that their owner is going out for the exercise. They will come along with you wagging their tail, but snap! You can’t take them along with you to the gym place, as they won’t usually allow pets inside. So, what would you probably do?

You could take that cute four-legged buddy of yours, and also carry out your exercises. Now, how is it that possible? Find out!

Exercises & Sports To Do With Your Dog

Exercises & Sports To Do With Your Dog

Just like we humans, dogs also need to be fit and healthy – which is only possible with healthy food and perfect exercises. Now if you wish to carry your pet along with you during your exercising time, then it is possible!

1. Getting the Basics done right.

You can set dog playpens and exercise pens in your garden, or the place where you are exercising. This will keep your pet engaged and they will also have fun in your presence.

2. Agility

It is the way of judging on how fast and quick movement you could make. You can set obstacles in the form of hurdles and cheer them while they pass all the hurdles. At first, they might be slow with the movement, but with time they will speed it up. Keep up your support, and they will surely make it! Along with this, they can also be trained on jumping, passing through tunnels, and move through the walkways.

If there is any special need for the dog, then you could modify them too.

3. Disc Dogs

This game involves three elements – dog, handler/owner, and the disc. The user has to throw the disc up in the air, and the dog has to catch the disc before it falls to the ground. The difficulty of the game depends on how the user is throwing the disc. There will be around 10 discs, and they are thrown turn by turn in different directions, with varying distances.

4. Dog Diving

It was initially known as the dock diving game, but now popular by the name Dog Diving. It involves the canines who are supposed to run the ramp along with the owner and take a dive into the pool to catch one toy thrown into the pool. Here the winner is the dog who dives in the furthest.

5. Football fans!

Dogs have this inherent quality of liking ball games. They love all ball games and are found to be pretty good and quick at judging too. So, you can dribble and have a passing practice along with your pet.

Which game do you enjoy playing with your pet? Let us know in the comment section, and keep following our feeds on trainwithtempo.

Exercises & Sports To Do With Your Dog

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