Mumme Hired as OC in New Alliance of American Football League

The former Kentucky coach Hal Mumme has been delegated as the new OC for the Memphis Express, one of the 8 teams in the New Alliance of the AFL. The team announced that Mumme is going to be the offensive coordinator for the inaugural season which starts off from Feb 10. Mumme has been serving as the offensive coordinator at the Jackson State, is also considered as the discoverer of the ‘Air Raid’ offense.

Hal Mumme Is the New OC of the Memphis Express

Express Coach Mike Singletary told – “Hal Mumme brings many positives and the offenses to our team.” He also adds that it’s the creativity that makes Mumme stand apart from others. Hal Mumme the new OC Mike calls it the air-raid concept and wishes to use Mumme’s creativity to bring the game to an end-zone. This will bring balance to the offense, and also ensure more of the muscle power is used up. After the new OC has announced, Mumme resigned from his job at the Jackson State on 3rd October after being hired in the December 2017. Talking more about the game and strategies, Mumme said that the game is fast-paced and we require a strong defense to cover the entire field. We have combined tips from some amazing coaches like Lavell Edwards, June Jones, Mouse Davis, Bill Walsh for a period of 6 years to that of our gaming plan.  Mumme also mentioned that he feels grateful and humbled to join the Memphis Express team as the OC and under the guidance of Mike Singletary. The GM of the team Memphis Express Will Lewis and Coach Singletary have gathered some of the best talents in the team. Now, we have the genius Hal Mumme as the offensive coordinator, which is a second level commanding job after the head coach. This person is assigned to take care of all the offenses of the team. Mumme has also served as the head coaches for Valdosta State, New Mexico State, Southeastern Louisiana, Belhaven, etc.

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